Due diligence

We will perform technical due diligence on your behalf, giving you the benefits of:

  • Informed decision making
  • Independent analysis
  • Reduced risk
  • More accurate valuations
  • Stronger negotiating position
  • Identification of alternative or complimentary technologies
  • Fewer bad investments
  • Focused market opportunities
  • International product launch

Technical due diligence

Technical due diligence can be undertaken for potential licensing opportunities. We’ll carry out a detailed review of the financial, management and operational aspects of a project.

This can be extended to chemistry, manufacturing and control, preclinical and clinical due diligence by associated PDS experts. The transfer of product knowledge from licensor to licensee can be facilitated.

An assessment of the science and technology underpinning a licensing opportunity is an essential first ingredient for informed decision making. Typical questions include: Has the best technology been selected for this product? Is it practical and effective? Is the technology based on sound scientific principles? Is the manufacturing process scaleable and commercially viable? What are its strengths and weaknesses? What could go wrong?

Selection of suitable suppliers is crucial to the success of a business, not least of all to avoid very costly mistakes. With PDS’ worldwide network, suitable suppliers can be identified and PDS can undertake due diligence reviews and audits as part of Qualification requirements. This includes manufacturers and suppliers of APIs, excipients and packaging. PDS can also undertake the review of dossiers prior to purchase.

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